7 Best Mops To Keep Your Laminate Floors Streak-Free And Sparkling!

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Cleaning laminate floors can be intimidating and challenging, especially for new owners.

But, with the best tools and proper floor care tips it’s less cumbersome and more rewarding.

Are you a new laminate floor owner?

Or, looking for an easier way to keep your floors look clean and shiny without getting down to your hands and knees?

If so, you’re in the right place…

In this post, you will learn

  • What kind of mop is best for laminate floors?
  • 7 Best mops to keep laminate floors clean, shiny, and streak-free.
  • Tips to keep your laminate floors looking brand new.

Sounds good? Let’s get started…

7 Best Mop For Laminate Floors in 2020

#1. Microfiber Mop cleaning system by Turbo Microfiber – Best Microfiber Mop for Laminate Floors

#2. 18” Professional Microfiber Mop by Microfiber Wholesale – Best Dust Mop for Laminate Floors

#3. Dredge Professional Microfiber Mop by Temples Pride – Best Electrostatic Dust Mop

#4. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop – Best Wet Mop for Laminate Wood Floors

#5. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop – Best Spray Mop for Laminate Floors

#6. Bona Premium Spray Mop

#7. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner – Best Electric Mop for Laminate Floors

But, before diving deep into each of them.

Let’s tackle the big question among laminate floor owners… i.e.

What kind of mop is best to use on laminate floors?

The best type of mop to use on laminate floors will depend on;

  • The type of cleaning job – dry or wet
  • Space/area – small space or the entire house
  • The method you want to choose – manual or electric.

Here are the types that are ideal for laminate floor cleaning.

Dust/Dry Mop

Dust mop, also known as a dry mop, is a great choice for regular maintenance.

They are exceptional at collecting and trapping fine dust, dirt, and hair. Stuff that the broom or vacuum leaves behind.

These mops come in two variants – reusable and disposable.

The reusable ones have mop pads made of fabrics – Microfiber or Cotton. These are washable and easy to maintain.

While the disposable one comes with one-time use pads.

However, dust mop fails at removing spills, heavily soiled grime, and caked-on debris.

This is when a good wet mop or spray mop comes to rescue.

Wet Mop

Wet mops are great at cleaning sticky messes and tough stains.

But, they are infamous for leaving too much moisture, which is damaging for laminate.

Thankfully, the modern wet mops come with a built-in wringing mechanism. This allows you to control the moisture more easily, cutting down the strain on your wrist and arms.

Based on the mop head material, you can choose between microfiber, cotton, sponge, and rag.

Wet mops with sponge or rags are not recommended for cleaning laminate wood floors as they leave the floor saturated.

If the thought of lugging a bucket of soapy water throughout the house scares you, then you’ll love the spray mop.

Spray Mop

A spray mop is a hybrid between a dry mop and wet mop.

You can use it for regular dusting as well as wet mopping with ultimate moisture control.

Amazing, isn’t it?

They come with a built-in reservoir for cleaner and a mechanism to dispense the solution.

The dispenser sprays out a tiny mist of cleaner solution. This eliminates the risk of sopping the floor with excess moisture.

Most of these come with a mechanical dispensing system activated by a trigger or lever on the handle.

Yet, few models with battery-operated dispensing are also available. In case, if pressing the trigger seems tiring on your wrist and palm.

Electric Mop

Electric mop as the name implies is an automated version of traditional mops. They offload the strength and effort you put while mopping.

If you are looking for a way to clean laminate floors with minimal effort electric mops are a great option.

They have dual rotating cleaning heads and a dispenser for storing floor cleaner. You can choose between scrub pads or soft pads to suit your mopping job.

You can use an electric mop to dust or deep clean your laminate floors to give them a shiny new look. Now clean effortlessly without hurting your back!

4 Important Factors to Consider

The “best mop” will vary from person to person based on their cleaning needs, usage, comfort, and budget. 

So, here are 4 important features to look for while choosing the best mop for you.

1. Mop Pad


The key feature to look for when it comes to clean laminate floors is…

“Fabric of the mop pads, period”

This can be a dealbreaker!

As “Laminate floors and water do not mix”.

You need a mop with high absorbent capacity.

And the only fabric in the market with super absorbent property is “Microfiber“.

A microfiber mop is best for dusting and cleaning laminate wood floors because;

Included Pads

Getting an extra set of dust and wet mop pads make it easier to start with. As the pads absorb a lot of grit and grime they get soiled pretty fast, so having extra refill pads come handy.

This will also reduce any waiting time while you wash one set and keep for drying.

Durability of Pads

Another feature to consider in particular is the longevity of mop pads.

How many times can you wash the pads?

This will largely affect the cost in the long run and the planet.

Some manufacturers claim their pads can be machine washed for 100+ times with proper care.

Are Replacement Pads Readily Available?

You don’t want to look out for another mop six months down the road only because you couldn’t find refill pads anywhere.

Doesn’t sound very exciting right?

So, the availability of replacement pads either online or local stores is a good sign to look for. This ensures your mop will be operational for longer.

2. Comfort & Convenience

Mopping is a dreadful and tiresome chore and you don’t want to make it worse by picking a mop that’s inconvenient to use.

Here are a few features to consider that’ll make this comfortable and enjoyable.


Look for a slim and lightweight design as they are easy to move around floors and hard to reach areas.

They are also easier to carry across different rooms, upstairs and downstairs.

Handle & Mobility

A sturdy and telescopic handle is always preferred. As the ability to adjust the handle height makes it convenient for other family members to mop as well.

A swivel head is handy to reach underneath furniture, and kitchen cabinets. It also makes it easy to maneuver the corners and above-floor surfaces – walls and ceilings.

Head Size & Shape

Think of the total area or size of the space you’re going to mop.

If you have laminate floors on a small area like the kitchen, a regular size mop head will suffice.

But, if you have laminate spread across your entire house, you need to look for extra wide mop heads. This will save you time and energy.

Also, the shape of the head matters as well. Rectangular or triangular heads are more efficient at cleaning corners than round ones.

3. Durability

A mop with good build quality and sturdy frame will serve you longer than a cheap plastic mop.

Always go for a mop made of Stainless Steel or Aluminum Alloy. Both of them are sturdy, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.

4. Cost

Apart from the initial buy, you must also consider these two factors to forecast the cost in the long run.

Reusable vs Disposable Mop Pads? Which one is economical?

Although reusable pads come with a higher initial price tag, you can wash and reuse them for up to a year. Provided you follow the proper laundering instruction. This is a huge reduction in the cost per cleaning.

Whereas, the disposable ones will cost less on the initial buy, but these are one-time use. And you need to buy them more often which adds to the cost.

Floor Cleaner – Specific or Any?

If you are considering a spray mop or electric mop, this is important for you.

Mops from some well-known brands come with their proprietary floor cleaning solution. While with the others, you have the freedom to choose your own solution or make your own.

#1. Microfiber Mop cleaning system by Turbo Microfiber – Best Microfiber Mop for Laminate Floors

This is an awesome mop offered by Turbo Microfiber, a family-owned small business in the US.

As per their claim, they manufacture their products in the US and not import from China.

Now, talking about product features.

It’s a very solid and sturdy mop, a perfect fit for homes that need everyday mopping.

If you have kids or pets, this mop will be a good companion as it will last longer than those cheap dollar store mops.

Although being sturdy, it is pretty lightweight. It’s made of aluminum, which is light and corrosion-resistant.

Another nice feature is its super adjustable handle. You can even lower it to the height of your kids. And unlike other mops, the handle locks tight after adjustment and doesn’t slip.

Way Better than Swiffer!

If you are a Swiffer user you will love this mop.

It is way better in durability and performance. Moreover, it will save the money you spend on buying disposable pads.

This mop has thick microfiber pads that absorb more than the thin Swiffer pads.

And, the best thing is the pads are washable. For cleaning, toss them in the washing machine, dry them and they are ready for the next cleaning job.

With this, you will also cut down the waste you generate by using disposable ones.

Besides, it’s durable due to its aluminum body and will last longer than a Swiffer.

Speaking of dry mopping, the microfiber pads are flawless in picking dirt, debris, and pet hair.

The wider pads and 360-degree swivel head make mopping quick, fun, and easy. It maneuvers under furniture, cabinets as well as tight spaces and corners with ease.

Overall, a great mop for laminate floors backed by a friendly customer service that cares.

#2. 18” Professional Microfiber Mop by Microfiber Wholesale – Best Dust Mop for Laminate Floors

The 18” professional microfiber mop is a perfect mop for streak-free floor cleaning.

Pet owners who hate watching pet hairs and dust bunnies on the floor will love it.

You can use it for wet as well as dry mopping.

Its dust mop pad performs dual-action, in that.

The long microfiber loops around the edges collect large debris like pet hair. While the flat face yarn at the center traps fine dust.

The wet pads are extra thick and super absorbent. Also, they stay moist for longer, so you don’t wet them often.

The 18” wide pads cover more area with each stroke and cut down the mopping time.

Being made of the stainless steel body, this mop is sturdy and lightweight.

With a wide head and long handle, carrying the mop would be heavier for some. Yet, it glides on the floor.

Also, the handle is adjustable up to 70”, making it suitable for mopping without bending over.

Moreover, the swivel lock feature prevents side to side swivel. With this, you can clean walls and ceilings without hassle.

The long handle and 360-degree swivel head make it very maneuverable. It reaches under furniture and beds, so no need to move them to access.

Remarkably, the velcro strip that holds the pads are fastened to the metal frame with rivets. So, it does not come apart after a few uses as in other flat mops, which is annoying.

Long hairs get tangled in the outer looped edges which you have to remove before laundry. This can be gross but not a deal-breaker.

Both pads are machine washable. The mop heads are so easy to clean, a good shake outside removes most of the trapped dust and debris. So you don’t have to launder them often. But, that’s a personal preference.

In conclusion, this is a great mop for everyday cleaning and you are not limited to the floors. Its quality, durability, and responsive customer service make it in the second position on my list.

#3. Dredge Professional Microfiber Mop by Temples Pride – Best Electrostatic Dust Mop

The Dredge microfiber mop is an All in one mop for cleaning hardwood, laminate, tile, and stone floors.

As per their claim, it will revolutionize your mopping experience.


Let’s see what it offers.

You get 3 drag resistant microfiber pads for different cleaning needs.

The dry dust pad has ultra-fine open weave microscopic fibers and has a soft and fluffy texture. Due to its unique design, this pad is perfect for dusting hair and fur.

The wet pad has a super absorbent condensed weave structure. This helps in soaking more water from the wet surface and also removes bacteria from floors. This pad has a coarse texture and meant for heavy-duty wet mopping.

The third one is a combo pad that works for both wet and dry mopping. It has dense woven microfibers with a frill edge. The frill edge has an electrostatic charge which is efficient for dusting. The edges also help in cleaning corners during wet mopping.

All three pads are drag resistant and glide without effort on all surfaces. That said, avoid using the dry dust pad on a rough surface. It grips often due to its design and creates a lot of drag which can be annoying.

The frame is very light yet sturdy. The high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy body makes it very durable.

Moreover, it has a telescopic handle that’s adjustable between 29” to 69”, so you can adjust it to your needs.

Wide pads, swivel head, and easy maneuverability help in efficient cleaning of floors.

Also, their customer service is excellent. They know how to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

In conclusion, this mop will make the hated chore of mopping fun and enjoyable. You will no longer put it off your cleaning routine.

#4. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop – Best Wet Mop for Laminate Wood Floors

Do you like the old school way of using a wet mop and bucket?

But, hate bending over to wring the mop and getting your hands dirty?

If so…

The O-Cedar Spin Mop is a great alternative for your traditional mopping routine.

This is the best wet mop you can have for your laminate wood floors because;

  1. With the onboard spin wringing system you can remove the excess of moisture with ease. The foot lever on the bucket cuts down the strain on your wrist.
  2. The microfiber mop head is damp enough to give a streak-free cleaning to the floors.

Moreover, the built-in splash guard further protects floors from accidental splashes while wringing.

The bucket is pretty lightweight even when filled with water in it. It has a MAX Fill line mark to prevent overfilling.

There are no wheels underneath the bucket, however, it has a sturdy handle to carry around.

It features a single compartment for carrying dirty water. There are no separate compartments for clean and dirty water. This can be disappointing for some. 

Speaking of the mop head, it’s made of 6” microfiber strings and can be machine washed for 10 times. But it takes a lot of time to completely dry, so it’s better to keep extra heads.

The triangular head nicely fits into corners, unlike the traditional round spin mops.

And the 360-degree swivel action makes it easy to clean under furniture, table, and chairs. No more inconvenience of moving them or getting down to your hands and knees.

Also, the telescopic handle is adjustable between 24” to 48” provides an extended reach.

Moreover, the small mop head is ideal for cleaning small areas or apartments.

But, this won’t be very efficient for cleaning larger areas, as it will need more swipes than an 18” flat head mop.

Few users have mentioned that the plastic mop head scrapes the floor which could be a concern for laminate floors.


The O-Cedar Spin mop is a good wet mop for everyday cleaning of small areas. The built-in wringer eliminates the pain of wringing the nasty mop by hand and is somewhat fun to use.

#5. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop – Best Spray Mop for Laminate Floors

Spray Mop!!

I know.. I know what you’re thinking…

They cost a great fortune…

But, with the Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop, this perception will change forever.

This is the most economical spray mop out there in the market due to the following reasons.

First, you can use your cleaning solution! And I am damn serious. Unlike the big brand spray mops that only work with their proprietary solution.

With the Rubbermaid Reveal, you have full freedom of choosing any cleaning solution. Whether its homemade natural cleaner or a commercial cleaner of your choice.

Second, the microfiber mop pads are reusable and washable up to 100 times. No more single-use disposable pads that cost a huge fortune in the long run. These microfiber pads are wider than those disposable pads. They pick up more dirt and grime and also cover more area in less time than the Swiffer pads.

Third, the spray system is mechanical and operated through a trigger on the handle. No batteries needed. Pressing the trigger sprays a fine mist of solution, so there’s no chance of sopping your laminate floor. The fine mist spread evenly over a wide area rather than a particular spot, as in the case of squirt.

You get two bottles for dispensing solutions. So if you have multiple floors, it is handy to mix a different solution in each of them and swap when needed.

The 3 microfiber pads are made of superfine filaments that capture dust and dirt very well.

The body consists of a high-quality plastic head and a steel handle with an ergonomic design. There’s also a secondary rubber grip for a firm grasp.

The height is not adjustable which may be inconvenient for people with a bad back. But it’s taller than Swiffer.

There are two flaws in the product that are avoidable with proper care and handling.

First, the bottle cap has a tiny plastic valve inside it that’s prone to fall out while filling the bottle. This causes the cleaning solution to leak out of the mop.

Second, the trigger stops functioning when the dispenser gets clogged with excess soap. Unclogging the soap residue is very easy. Fill a bottle with hot water, pop it in the mop and press the trigger several times until the hot water cleans the clog. You can use a mild solution to prevent this issue.

Apart from those two minor flaws, this spray mop is cheap, efficient, durable, and does its job, period.

#6. Bona Premium Spray Mop

The Bona premium spray mop provides an All in one solution to mopping.

It comes with a refillable cartridge with a formulated solution for laminate floors. The solution is safe, effective, and gives a streak-free finish. It also restores the original luster and doesn’t leave a sticky residue after drying up, which is amazing.

You get one microfiber pad that works for dry as well as wet mopping. If you need more pads or a dedicated pad for dust and wet mopping, you have to buy extra pads.

The 16.5″ wide pad covers a larger surface area and hence gets the job done in less time than a Swiffer or traditional mop. Also, they are washable which is cost-saving and eco-friendly.

The spray system is activated by a trigger on the handle. A gentle press of the trigger sprays a fine mist of solution on to a wide area which is not over saturating.

Rubber bumpers in mop head prevent baseboards and furniture from damage or scratches.

Speaking of the negatives.

Its handle is fixed and might need bending over, which would be a pain for people with a bad back.

The cartridge is susceptible to leakage when it’s not firmly snapped into the dispenser. The same can be ensured with the distinct “click” sound while popping the cartridge.

Like the Rubbermaid Reveal, this mop also has spray issues due to soap clogs. To dissolve the clog remove the cartridge and keep the dispenser under warm/hot water for a few minutes. This unclogs the build-up soap and reinstates the trigger mechanism.

Overall, this is a good mop for laminate floors. Though it comes with only one microfiber pad, the added floor cleaner solution is worth the price.

#7. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner – Best Electric Mop for Laminate Floors

The Bissell Spinwave is an electric spin mop made for people looking for an effortless way to mop.

Its also a great mop for individuals with any disabilities, arthritis, or back pain. For whom traditional mopping is distressing.

The Bissell Spinwave uses dual counter-rotating discs to mop, scrub, and polish floors.

It comes with two types of washable pads;

Soft Pads – These are gentle on delicate floors and effective for everyday cleaning. Moderate dirt, dust, and grime don’t stand a chance against them.

Scrubby Pads – These pads provide scrubbing action and deep cleans the sticky mess.

Besides, it has a 28-ounce reservoir for storing a cleaning solution. Filling the tank is a breeze with marked instructions for covering small and large areas. 

Speaking of the cleaning… it’s painless

This lightweight, self-propelled mop glides across the floors with minimal effort. No more sore back and shoulders.

Moreover, the heavy base and scrub pads are efficient at cleaning the tough mess and dried debris. No more pain from getting down on your hands and knees. 

The 14” cleaning path saves time while mopping large areas. 

With swivel steering, it easily moves around corners and furniture. However, the rounded heads leave the edges in corners. So, this needs some elbow grease.

The Bissell Spinwave is pretty easy to operate. There are only two buttons – power and spray – and you can operate it with a single hand. But, the non-adjustable handle can be annoying for taller individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swiffer wet mop safe for laminate floors?

Well, that depends on the type of laminate floor, whether it’s sealed or unsealed. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations before using a Swiffer product.

Their sweeper wet pads come presoaked and saturated that can’t be wrung out. So, they can be used only once and go into the trash. And for a large house, you need several of these pads. It adds up quickly to the cost and isn’t cheap.

The Swiffer wet jet pads come dry, but they are incredibly thin, hence can’t be wrung out. Also, they lack the absorbent property of microfiber needed for streak-free mopping. Moreover, their solution also leaves a hazy film on the surface.

Can you use a sponge mop on laminate floors?

I would never recommend using a sponge mop on the laminate floor due to the following reasons.

First, they absorb pretty well when new and don’t let the floors sopping. But after few usages, their absorbing potential degrades and they start leaving streaks. And over time leaves the floors soaking wet, which can damage laminate. Although they have some mechanism to wring excess moisture, it’s not very effective.

Second, the sponge does not dry quickly as microfiber does, so they are not sanitary for cleaning.

Third, they are smaller as compared to 18” flat mops and consume a large amount of time. Mopping with sponge mop can easily take 2x to 4x time and effort due to their small size.

Last but not least, replacement mop heads are not readily available. So basically, you have to buy a new one.

Also read: Is it safe to clean laminate floors with vinegar?

Tips to Keep Your Laminate Floors Look Shiny, Streak-Free, and New for Years!

Less is More – Water

Water is the biggest enemy of laminate floors, Period.

So, when it comes to cleaning laminate floors, always remember this, less water is more!

Ensure that the mop is barely damp enough to remove marks if more than that you’re soaking the floors, which is a big NO.

Wet mops with attached wringer, spray mops, or electric spin mops are a perfect fit.

Vacuum First, Do Not Sweep!

The second biggest enemy of laminate is dust!

Caring for your laminate floor starts with a regularly scheduled vacuuming.

Melissa Maker

Always start with vacuuming your laminate floors first.

As dust and debris left on the floor can get caught and dragged by the mop.

This can cause scratches on the floors! 

Your worst nightmare indeed…

So, pre-vacuuming is a must.

Moreover, wet mopping after vacuuming doesn’t leave dirt behind after the floors dry.

Sweeping with a broom is also a bad idea for the same reason. To avoid scuff marks.

Also, sweeping leads the dust and dirt to settle in seams which is more difficult to remove.

Be Vigilant on Spills

Keep an eye on Spills and soak them ASAP.

Use a super-absorbent fabric like a microfiber towel or nano towel. These fabrics hold a lot more moisture than paper towels.

Regular Maintenance with Dust Mop

Regular dusting with a dust mop is all you need to keep the laminate floor looking clean and shiny, most of the time.

Use a Spray mop or Electric Spin Mop for Deep Cleaning

The sight of footprints and pawprints built up over time can be very unpleasant.

Unfortunately, regular dust mopping doesn’t get rid of them.

So, use either a traditional spray mop or an electric spin mop for scrubbing and deep cleaning the floors.

Mop in direction of the grain

Can’t stand the look of streaky laminate floors?

Always mop in the direction of the grain.


Having the right tool makes cleaning laminate floors easier and fun. A good mop for laminate floors is essential for keeping your floors streak-free and shiny.

I hope my buying guide and recommendation have helped you pick up the right one.

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