How To Clean Hair Off Bathroom Floor

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Let’s face facts: no one enjoys cleaning their bathroom floor, especially if there is hair. Often a vacuum can get all those hairs, but it cannot clean the corners near your toilet, sink, and bathtub. 

And although a broom can reach places the vacuum can’t, there is still dirt and grime left. It’s time-consuming to clean out thoroughly using a regular vacuum or broom alone. 

Cleaning hair off the bathroom floor can be tricky to handle. With this in mind, you might feel compelled to put off this arduous task. However, it is crucial to clean your bathroom floor to prevent grime buildup and keep the sheen of your surface.

Cleaning your bathroom floor doesn’t have to be a daunting chore. This guide will help you choose the best solution for removing dirt and hair from your surface. We will also determine if a Swiffer is a good fit for eliminating hair from grout lines around your toilet and sink.

6 Best Ways to Clean Hair Off Bathroom Floors

Cleaning hair off your bathroom floor is always the task people strive to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are our top 6 best ways to remove hairs off your bathroom floor. 

1. Use a Sticky Lint Roller for a Quick Clean Up

Here is what you will need:

How Does The Stick Roller Works?

A sticky lint roller consists of a solid, gluey adhesive sheet ideal for picking up dirt, dust, pet, and human hair. This product usually works on most floor surfaces. Sticky lint rollers are perfect for collecting long hair and other loose dust, and it leaves dirt and dust-free bathroom surface using their sticky sheet.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Assemble your sticky lint roller before you start. First, slide over the rollover holder. Next, place the roller into the case pins to hold it together.
  • Peel off the cover from the sticky sheet of the lint roller. Test to see if it’s functional by rolling it against the floor back and forth. 
  • Start by cleaning debris off floor surfaces, moving your lint roller backward and forward. Once fully covered with dirt, peel the finished sticky layer off the lint roller to continue and repeat the process.
  • Extend your sticky roller by pulling against the pole, making it easier to clean hard-to-reach corners. Once finished, push down and retract the roller to be easily stored in your bathroom cabinet.
Video Demonstration

Benefits of Using a Stick Roller Over Other Methods

There are many advantages to using this tool. For instance, one of its features would be that it’s easier to remove debris with its sticky sheet than if you were using a broom. Moreover, you can use it for picking up loose hair on the carpet.

For me, sometimes it takes longer to sweep up stray hairs due to the moisture of the surface floor, causing them to stick on and downright impossible to remove. 

Another positive feature that this lint roller includes is it’s easy to store. Sometimes, cleaning supplies can take up a lot of space. 

However, this sticky lint roller has an extendable feature that can reach up to 16″ tall. When it is not in use, it is retractable, shortening to 6.5″ tall. 

I live in a small house, so having space to store my cleaning supplies is limited. It would be nice to have supplies that are extremely helpful in getting rid of hair and are hassle-free when organizing them.

Finally, the lint roller is reusable and comes equipped with extra sheets to prevent running out, which is beneficial because you don’t have to worry about buying extras. 

It’s essential to have extra supplies, so when your surface, whether your bathroom rug or floor, needs some much-needed TLC, running out is not a concern. You always stay well-stocked for the next cleanup.

The Downsides To This Method

The only downside of using a sticky lint roller is that it cannot reach narrow spaces. The clunkiness part of the sticky roller might make it challenging to get underneath furniture, causing it to be nearly impossible to clean the bathroom entirely. 

When cleaning your bathroom, specifically the floor, it’s essential to clean every nook and cranny if any long hair or pet hairs are loose.

2. Sweep with a Rubber Broom for a Thorough Clean

For this, the only tool you will need is a Rubber Broom.

How Does The Rubber Broom Work?

Unlike a standard broom, this not only prevents dirt and debris from being swept into the air but sticks in the bristles. 

Having a rubber broom is vital for me because there have been instances where the debris gets swept up in the air and moves somewhere else, triggering allergies. It would be nice to have a broom to keep the loose debris in.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Apply onto the tile or hard flooring by pushing or pulling the rubber broom. You can still sweep back and forth as you would for a regular broom, but pulling is the best option if you want an effective result. 
  • A static charge will start to form as you sweep, causing the dirt and long hairs to stick to the bristles, which helps prevent it from flying away from the broom or becoming airborne. Also, it will help attract more dirt.
  • Apply pressure when sweeping in several short, deliberate strokes onto the floor, which will collect all debris in one sweep motion. 
  • Firmly tap the bristles of your broom against the floor, causing the static charge to release, so it’s easier to collect the dirt in a dustpan.
  • Use a back and forth scrubbing motion to work on wet surfaces. Once you have finished, flip it over and use the squeegee to dry the bristles. 
Rubber broom hair cleaning in action!

Benefits of Using a Rubber Broom Over Other Methods

There are a couple of reasons why using a rubber broom is a good tool for bathroom cleanup. 

One of its advantages would be its rubber bristles; it can pull hair strands seated deep in bathroom rugs, which is beneficial. 

After all, I have two pets, and they leave a ton of hair after leaving the bathroom. A rubber broom can collect dog hair, clean long hair, and other dirt residues.

Another promising feature this tool includes is it doubles up as a mop. By using soap and water, you can start brushing down the inside of the tub, near the toilet, and by the crevices of the sink cabinet. 

You can brush down the outer edges of the tub as well. And you can easily wash the bristles of the broom.

The Downsides To This Method

The only issue with the rubber broom is that you would have to clean it once you are finished. If you don’t, you run the risk of grime buildup and it not performing efficiently for next time. 

3. Hack Your Regular Broom to Collect Hair

For this clever hack, you will need:

How Does This Hack Work?

While a regular broom does help in removing hair because of its bristles, it is difficult to remove. The hair can sometimes knot up in the brush part of the broom, and when that happens, it can lead to buildup. However, the sticky side will catch the hairs with this hack by placing the tape onto the broom. 

Step by Step Instructions

  • Cut a piece of packing tape that is the same width as your broom’s brush. 
  • Place the piece of packing tape at the edge of your broom.
  • You can repeat steps 1 and 2 once the piece of tape is full of hair and dust. 
Video demo of this hack

Benefits of Using This Hack Over Other Methods

Like a roller, with the sticky side of the tape, it can catch the hairs, dirt, and other loose particles. This broom hack is beneficial because you don’t have to worry about hair getting stuck in the bristles. 

Another good feature this method offers is that it’s easily removable. You can remove the tape and throw it out. 

The Downsides To This Hack 

This method only works if you have tape in your home. Also, you might run out of packing tape if you constantly use it for your broom. Another downside would be that it might not pick up a lot of dust by using only a sliver of tape. 

4. Dry Mop Using an Electrostatic Dust Mop

The only tool you need for this process is a Microfiber Dust Mop.

How Does the Electrostatic Mop Remove Hair?

Due to its electrostatic action, utilizing the microfiber cloth can pick up and lock away dust, dirt, and pet hair. This tool is ideal for removing hair and making your bathroom floor clean.

Step by Step Instructions

  • Ensure that your dust mop is assembled by checking if the head is screwed on correctly and tightly. Attach the microfiber cloth if you haven’t already.
  • Move any objects that might obstruct the mop from cleaning effectively, such as small furniture, shoes, rugs, mats, etc. 
  • Clean your bathroom floor in a straight line motion until the mop head fills with dust. 
  • After sweeping, clean off your microfiber head by washing and drying it. 

Benefits of Using an Electrostatic Dust Mop

This tool’s electrostatic feature can pick up anything from dust to long hair strands. Another feature would be that it’s a 3-in-1, so you can mop, squeegee, or scrub any surface. It’s also reusable, so you don’t have to buy a replacement piece. 

The Downsides To This Method 

The main disadvantage of using this tool would be that it’s challenging to reach tight corners in the bathroom. With its thick mop head, it cannot fit into tight spaces.

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5. Wipe With a Damp Paper Towel or Cloth to Collect Hair From Corners & Crevices

For this process, you will need a paper towel, toilet paper, or a rag. 

Step by Step Instructions

  • Wet your rag or paper towel with plain water. Make sure to ring it out until it’s damp. 
  • Wipe down any corners and crevices until the rag or towel is filled with loose dirt and hair.

6. Invest In A Small Stick Vacuum To Keep Hair Off Bathroom Floor

For this final option, you will need a Bissell Featherlight stick vacuum

Stick vacuums work at removing hair by using their powerful suction for quick pick-ups with multipurpose versatility. 

Benefits of Using a Stick Vacuum to Remove Bathroom Hair

What’s beneficial about using this tool is that it features a crevice tool, so you don’t have to worry about reaching certain corners. 

Another advantage is that if you routinely vacuum after each brush or groom session, less dirt and loose hair accumulates over time.

The best feature of this tool is that it’s a 3-in-1 so that it can become a handheld vacuum cleaner. Having a designated small vacuum can help you clean your shower door, sink, and other surfaces. Also, you don’t have to worry about using your home vacuum if you have one for your bathroom.

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Why You Should Keep the Bathroom Floors Free From Hair

If you do not clean the hair from your bathroom floors, you risk hair sticking onto the grout lines. It will also clog your shower drains, resulting in multiple plumbing issues. Another reason would be that it will be difficult to clean the hair off.

Is Swiffer Good For Cleaning Bathroom Hair?

A Swiffer does perform sufficiently in removing bathroom hair. However, the best way to clean hair off the bathroom floor would be a microfiber mop, as it’s thicker than a Swiffer mop head. A microfiber removes more hair and dirt than a Swiffer.

Final Thoughts 

It’s essential to remember how we can remove bathroom hair to have a cleaner, more efficient bathroom. We also don’t want to risk any drains clogging up. Did you enjoy this article? Leave a comment down below on what you think and share it! 

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