5 Best Ideas To Eliminate Foul Vacuum Smells That Will Blow Your Mind

A vacuum can keep the home smelling completely fresh throughout the day; however, you also need to return this favor by frequently maintaining this. As you may know already, vacuum cleaners have a tendency to get stinky with time. Particularly with the bagged units, odors can turn out to be pretty disturbing.

In case you are not able to maintain the vacuum cleaner frequently, it will begin releasing these bad odors rather than performing its responsibility of keeping your room surroundings clean and fresh. I bet you are here as you reached this milestone, so continue reading. I have discussed an in-depth step-by-step guide that will assist you to eliminate these unwanted odors.

The Guide To Remove Bad Vacuum Smells And Keep It Odor Free

Read my tested step-by-step guide to get the best result.

1. Clean The Debris/Change The Bags:

Smelly bags usually are the main reason behind a foul-smelling vacuum. Not to mention, if you have a bagged device, start by changing the bag. Actually, bags are quite important in blocking the foul smells. Try to purchase only authentic bags, recommended or produced by the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner.

A few bags have extra filtration layers that limit the odor released by dirt accumulated inside, not forgetting complex “auto-seal” system. Buy these sorts of bags rather than the basic paper types. Bags ought to be replaced between One month to Six months, based on their dimension and on the frequency of the vacuuming.

In case you have the washable bags, then wash and let these to dry fully (don’t mount the wet bags back, or you may end up damaging the device). If you have a bag-less device, it is clear that you will need to vacant the dustbin, wash this and allow this to dry fully.

2. Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner:

Making sure that the vacuum-cleaner is thoroughly clean will be the next step you ought to take. Start this by dampening the cleaning towel in soapy water. Wash the whole surface of the vacuum completely, to remove dirt and other sorts of stains. In case you need to be far more environmentally friendly, clean your vacuum cleaner using the baking soda. Begin by preparing a mixture; such as sprinkle One tsp of the baking soda in a reasonable quantity of water (.1 gallon).

Use this method for washing your vacuum cleaner’s filters, hose, and its bag area. Rinse these areas using the “freshwater” and after that dry any metallic or plastic material utilizing a dry and clean piece of towel. Pay special focus on the inside of the hose. Eliminate any clogs that you may notice.

3. Replace/Clean The Filters:

The machine features filters that assist in keeping allergens, dust, and dirt off from escaping into the vacuumed environment. All these filters typically get old as well as a time may come when they have to be altered. Here’s a suggestion what I constantly share with my clients: do not get cheap on the filters. Not forgetting, filters are significant, not just for your wellbeing, but for the health and fitness of your family members.

You have to change the filters of your vacuum every three to twelve months. When it comes to the bags, constantly buy original or recommended parts. Third party items not just have a poor quality, but I have seen instances where they do not even completely fit the required geometrical shape, letting dust and some other air-borne contaminants to evade filtration system completely.

If you own washable filters, then wash them as well as keep them to dry up for 24 hours, before ultimately reassembling them in the machine. Even the washable filters degrade in time; therefore don’t be “worried” to buy a new one if needed.

4. Add Fragrance Pads:

In case you have not thought about adding fragrance pads in the vacuum cleaner while vacuuming, then it is time to do that. Perfumed tablets are beneficial, particularly since you’re trying to eliminate bad odors. Personally, I prefer fresh blue or lavender ocean perfumes; I think that they match the vacuuming activities.

However, you will find a number of other types of fragrance to pick from. Simply make sure to talk to all your loved ones what type they want, so you will not end up annoying someone. A few keep going longer than the others, however, the result is similar.

Buy perfume pads that are perfumed with your favored odor and put them on “top filter” of the vacuum. Right after carrying this out, you need to turn on the machine. As soon as it is on, it is going to release a fresh and gentle aroma as the airflow passes through pads. It will give you the best result.

5. Use Cinnamon:

I think you may not know about it, but cinnamon will absorb bad odors. The undeniable powerful aroma of cinnamon includes the power to cope with the bad odor of dirt particles which your machine accumulates during cleaning.

In case you don’t wish to use the perfume pads (even though you can easily use both, obviously), all you need to do is actually to drop a pinch of the cinnamon into canister or vacuum bag and honestly, that’s it. However, if you do not like the aroma of cinnamon, then you can take a look at other substances such as dried coffee beans or orange rinds, or some other sweet perfumed spices.


Last but not the least, the tips mentioned in this post will help you greatly to Get Rid Of Foul Vacuum Smells and Keep it Odor Free. Make sure to remember all the important tips while using your vacuum cleaner. I hope you will get the best result in no time.

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