Best Vacuum For High Pile And Thick Carpet – Shag or Frieze

Have you got a new high pile carpeting installed in your home? Or, have you moved to a house with a high pile, soft and plush carpet? Or, do you get down on your hands and knees to pull the gunk from the carpet? As your current vacuum is ineffective picking up that. Have you … Read more

best vacuum for stairs

3 Best Vacuums To Effortlessly Clean Hardwood And Carpeted Stairs

Cleaning stairs can be a challenging and tiring chore. Especially, when you have to haul a bulky upright vacuum up the stairs and back down again. Also, using an upright vacuum for stairs can be least rewarding as they tend to miss the nooks and crannies. The place where a maximum amount of dust and … Read more

effects of pet hair

5 Effects Pet Hair Can Have On Human Health & Ways to Tackle Them

We adopt pets to bring joy and happiness into our lives, they become loyal companions and irreplaceable family members to us and our children. Unless we are allergic to pet hairs, we do not consider the effects pet’s hair can have on our health. Cats and dogs shed large amounts of hair and fur which … Read more