How To Remove Hair From Vacuum Roller

We completely understand how it is frustrating to vacuum with a clogged brushbar. At times, it can seem like you are trying your hardest, but nothing is happening! What now? We have the perfect solution for you. Learning to remove hair from a vacuum roller can help you avoid any cleaning stress and make your home look shiny and new in no time. 

For me, finding out the fastest way to de-clog a roller can help me save time during my busy schedule. After watching the easy tutorial on how to unclog my vacuum brush bar, I find I have more time in the day to get things done!

Tools You’ll Need To Remove Hair from Vacuum Brush Roll

Knowing the right tools can make cleaning a simple task. Check out this helpful list of materials to get tangled hair out of vacuum rollers in no time.

  • Seam ripper or small scissor or box cutter or utility knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Pair of gloves
  • Soft cloth or rag

Two Ways To Get Hair Out of Vacuum

Getting hair out of the vacuum is easier and faster than you may think! Knowing how to de-clog the brush roll is essential to keeping your vacuum in good shape for many years to come, making cleaning a quick and straightforward task. 

Best Way – Long Method, Remove the Brushroll from the Vacuum Head

Follow these step-by-step instructions and tips to get the hair out of your vacuum by removing the brush roll. 

  1. Unplug your vacuum cleaner
  2. Inspect the brush under the vacuum cleaner
  3. Spin the vacuum upside down/sideways to access the brush roll 
  4. Press the release valve on the one end of the bottom plate 
  5. Take out the brush roll from the side of the vacuum cleaner 
  6. Use a scissor to cut off the long pieces of hair gathered around the brush roll
    •  Tip: Check if your vacuum has small grooves running across the length of the roller. They act as a guide for the scissor or knife and prevent accidental damage to the bristles.
  7. Watch out to avoid the bristles while cutting the hair strands
    • If the brushes are damaged, you may need to replace the rollers
  8. Use your fingers to pull excess pieces of dust and hair trapped inside the vacuum cleaner (keeping the vacuum off the entire time) 
  9. Slide the roller back inside
  10. Done! 
Video demonstration of cleaning hair from a vacuum brushroll

Quick & Easy Way – Use a Seam ripper or utility knife

The second way to clean hair out of your vacuum is to use a seam ripper or utility knife. 

  1. Lay the vacuum upside down to access the roller and bottom plate.
  2. Use a pair of scissors, a seam ripper, or a utility knife to cut out the long strands and threads from the roller. 
    • Caution: Be careful while using a seam ripper to avoid injury.
  3. Turn the brush roll while cutting to make sure you grab all of the hair wrapped around the bristles. 
  4. End by pulling the trapped hair out of the inside area
  5. And don’t forget to wash your hands!
  6. Time to clean!
Video demo of how to use a seam ripper to get the hair out of Shark vacuum roller

Why It’s Important to Remove Hair Trapped In Vacuum Roller

Learning how to extract hair trapped in a roller brush can help prevent any damage, increase cleaning efficiency, and avoid frustration. Knowing this clever tip would have been helpful for me, considering the time I spent hours vacuuming the floor with a brush roll filled with tangled hair — only to have dirt constantly spewing out! Of course, these tips and ideas can make cleaning so much easier.

Decrease in Suction & Airflow

Hair trapped in the vacuum roller reduces overall function by preventing smooth airflow and reducing the amount of debris the machine can collect. That means vacuuming takes longer, and the machine frequently spits bits back on the floor because they can get past the clogged roller.

Prolonged Stuck Roller Brush Will Lead To Burnout

Leaving the roller clogged for too long can cause significant strain on your vacuum’s motor. The burden can cause the motor to overheat and cause permanent damage that requires expensive repairs or a total replacement. Regular maintenance keeps vacuums functioning normally and prolongs their life.

How Often Should You Clean Hair From Vacuum Brush

  • If you can, clean your vacuum roller brush each time you use it
  • Or, depending on the number of family members with long hair, as regularly as necessary

Don’t Ignore The Vacuum Wheels

Let’s go over the hands-on steps of removing hair from a vacuum wheel for optimal cleaning! 

What is the vacuum wheel?

As you work on your vacuum roller, you might notice the small wheels nearby. Those are caster wheels that help the vacuum move across the floor. Like a rolling chair, these caster wheels collect stray hair, threads, and other debris that impair movement. 

How to Remove Hair from your Vacuum Wheel?

Let’s go over a few ideas for extracting hair from your vacuum’s caster wheels quickly and easily! 

1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner; you might have to pull out the spinning roller to access the caster wheels from more angles. 

2. Use a tool, like a seam ripper from your sewing kit, knife, scissors, or razor blade, to cut through the hair around the wheels.

  • Nail clippers work wonders on small spaces and cut through the threads, hairs, and debris.

3. Grab a pair of tweezers to work at stubborn pieces; they give you a better grip on fine threads.  

4. Use duct tape or packing tape to clean away debris. The particles stick to the tape, and it’s easy to pull away stubborn bits.

5. Clean the casters with a mixture of warm soapy water or wipe with rubbing alcohol. 

6. Reassemble the vacuum if necessary. Test the casters to make sure they move freely.

7. Plug the vacuum cleaner in and do a test run over the carpet (or make the long-haired person do the hard work)! 

Wrap Up

Did you enjoy our easy and fast tutorial on removing hair from a vacuum roller?

Hopefully, you find it helpful the next time you go to “hoover” your floors and find dirt and debris spitting out everywhere!

We want to increase the effectiveness of your regular maintenance schedule to keep your vacuum running. With this easy “how-to” guide, you can quickly clean a vacuum during your busy day. 

After all, this effortless guide is crucial to me in my life. I find that the simpler and easier I can make cleaning my personal space, the more enjoyable it is to do so.

Let us know what you think in the comments about how EASY it is to clean a vacuum roller!

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